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A family affair

With Mom and his sister, our groom looks serene {Dear friends, I’m sorry about the hiatus, friends, but graduation is over and my normal life can resume}

All proud and happy

and delighted in our interest.

The groom’s all-traditional implements

And his wedding ring.

The charm is in the details

Love the birds painted on her nails!

A bride and groom on their wedding day

Tokyo, July 2013. Details of the clothes to follow!

Ha! Canon users!

Did you know that the name of your camera simply comes from the name of the goddess Kanon?

Alexandra’s fortune

Big changes ahead. Right? Right: she has moved back to LA.

They appreciate…

being photographed.

Asakasa visitors

Akasaka, the iconic temple, very crowded on a Sunday, is definitely a destination place for locals.

Asakasa temple