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No worries

“Sentinel over Antelope Flats” is by Will Sawczuki. A picture of quiet, this bird is holding guard over the expanse of a valley not far from the Grand Tetons.

For real, a saddle

The National Wildlife Art Museum tries to show us real living things, too, but, honestly, I had to strain to find this saddle. I’m not an expert in them. It may be beautiful,… Continue reading

Truly last Rungius

Couldn’t resist including this one, too. We all know that it is so hard, these days, to see these animals in the wild. And Rungius, in these grand, large (very large) paintings, makes… Continue reading

Last Carl Rungius

White mountain goats.

In the clouds

Rams, presented again by the great Carl Rungius.

The moose

The “Northern King”, by Carl Rungius.

Friendly black bear – Rungius

As a reminder this and the past two pictures are of paintings and there’s a few more coming).Carl Rungius painted this black bear in an appealing colorful setting.

The bison

Chief. Robert Bateman , the artist behind this painting is, just like Carl Rungius, of established fame. Mr. Bateman is still alive and he paints animals and birds in the wild from an… Continue reading

The fearsome wolf

Carl Rungius is one of the leading artists of wildlife painting. He lived from 1869 to 1959 and is now a favorite of collectors. The National Wildlife Art Museum in Jackson Hole has… Continue reading

In painting

There is a very nice museum in Jackson Hole: The National Museum of Wildlife Art. And this is a painting. It’s the same Elk refuge that I saw during the sleigh ride, but… Continue reading