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Jackson vs Jackson Hole

Which one is it?Jackson is the town and the Hole is the area. But, according to the sleigh driver, a “newcomer” of about 20 years, people confuse this Jackson with the town of… Continue reading

In the Refuge

Two horses and a sleigh bring me here to the Elk refuge. Around Jackson there’s more than 17,000 elks gathered in the Hole, the flat area made up by sediments left by the… Continue reading

An elk

The males have the beautiful antlers but they fall off in the Spring.

A walk around town

Yesterday I skied with all my layers on. This means 3 sets of warm underwear, a sweater, and my ski clothes. And still, my hands and feet were cold. So, today we are… Continue reading

Cold in the new year

Brrr! A change of pace: we are in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and it is co-o-o-o-old. Really, from home in LA, we forget. We forget that there are still zero degree temperatures in many… Continue reading