Monthly Archive: December, 2013


Japan has not just one but three forms of writing characters. Here they are. Kanji is the more classical one and is on the left. It is close of Chinese; Mia was thrilled… Continue reading

Simtokha dzong

Simtokha Dzong is the first dzong built by Shabdrung, the great conqueror and pacifier of Bhutan, who came down from Tibet in 1629. He is revered throughout Bhutan. A dzong, incidentally, is a… Continue reading

The Edo museum

The museum of the history of Tokyo is so much fun inside. Outside, it looks like: 1. Edo castle 2. A rice storehouse 3. An intergalactic space station [Answer: it looks like an… Continue reading

Morning in Thimpu

Looking out over and above the roof of the Taj hotel. This roof is for real. Many homes in Bhutan have these kinds of wood shingles held down by rocks. And it works… Continue reading