Monthly Archive: June, 2014

And here is the Protector of the North

In his left hand he always hold a mongoose with a jewel in its mouth. He is the protector symbol of wealth.

As for this guy

He is just for the tourists, but he is cute.

The four Guardian Kings

The 4 Guardian Kings, protectors of the four cardinal directions stand at the entrance of each dzong or monastery. Since this one holds a musical instrument, it is the protector of the East.

In sum

They have fun, too, and decide to take a "crazy" picture for my benefit.

Kabney art

How to tie a kabney, this most official scarf, in just a few steps

And the official group picture

Michael at the Punakha dzong

Let’s leave our car and walk in!

The mother-in-law’s kimono

A family affair

With Mom and his sister, our groom looks serene {Dear friends, I’m sorry about the hiatus, friends, but graduation is over and my normal life can resume}