Monthly Archive: July, 2013

This body

is resting on the steps of the river, where it was prepared for cremation. Only the men are allowed to come and pay their respects now. The women are the ones standing and… Continue reading


Shiva can three identities that I know of: 1. A blue god with up to five faces, four arms and three eyes. That’s the Shiva in the painting in my front hall. 2.… Continue reading

Another view of…

Half-Dome, in the distance. It is very weird indeed to see Half-Dome lower than us, even as we begin the descent of Mount Hoffman.

What about them?

Are they more believable?

Group picture

Our only group picture is this one: from the top of Mount Hoffman, with… guess which chopped-off mountain in the distance behind my head?

Mourning a loved one

(or paid to mourn loved one). I didn’t see real tears with them. Do you?

Made it (quite some time later)

But, hey, we got there!

Mount Hoffman is right behind us

And that’s where we want to go, if we can manage the climb to the summit. The last few minutes will be quite hairy for some of us. There are no cables here,… Continue reading

Dead that day

a person is cremated on a pyre.