Monthly Archive: October, 2012

The National Holiday

birthday of the Eternal Leader of North Korea, has arrived. The top Party and Government officials had the same idea as my guides: to get to Mangyongdae, the Eternal Leader’s birthplace, early. Visiting… Continue reading

My current screensaver

I go for pretty flowers and beautiful trees and I was happy to see these blooms everywhere. My guides, however, were not used to this high level of enthusiasm for something as trivial… Continue reading

The stuff of dreams

Wistful thoughts of spring in North Korea.This picture is the April scene of the official 2011 calendar.

Relationships in North Korea

What strikes me about this picture is not that the two women look so serious on their bikes. No. Because if I look at people’s faces in Pacific Palisades, or in New York,… Continue reading

Our abode for the next week

A few more hours’ driving south and we are in Gocek. We’ve loved the sightseeing, all of it, but we are ready for a week on our gulet, a tried and true Turkish… Continue reading

Langtang Plateau, about 5,000 meters high (16,500 feet)

Prayer flags, Himalayan peaks. Snow, wind and ice.

The baths of Pamukkale

A last glimpse at these luscious-looking baths before we get to our own play time in the Mediterranean…

A picture of coziness

To me, anyway. And you all who are smirking at me right now know better, since there’s no heat in any of these buildings.

Back in Wonsan, the dreariness of the cooperative

fades away, even though the city is still a far cry from the image of “ideal retirement place” that it holds in North Korea. This is peak blooming time and people are out… Continue reading


This is a dead time for growing anything. The 2 main crops of Tong Dong are rice (7 tons per hectare) and potatoes (7-8 tons per hectare). Dear Leader Kim Jung Il himself… Continue reading