Monthly Archive: October, 2012

It’s all fun and games now

We see the Philharmonic of North Korea and are treated to an impressive performance of powerful music. The skill is there without a doubt. We see 3 conductors, including a guest conductor (Chinese?)… Continue reading

Another feast

The hot pot was already full of a delicious pork broth, and we cooked the vegetables in it. A culinary highlight.

By the time we reach

the important Monument to Party Foundation it is freezing and inauspiciously dark. In 1995 this monument was inaugurated to celebrate the 50 years of the foundation of the Workers’ Party. The hammer, sickle… Continue reading

They wanted me in the picture

even though my clothes don’t hold a candle to theirs.

Then I visit

the great statue of Kim Il Song, the “Grand Monument”, most revered monument of the country. The protocol is strict here, and the flowers are obligatory (5 euros). I bowed when it was… Continue reading

And right behind us

Right behind the highest Party officials and myself, comes the elite female corps of the prestigious Mangyongdae Revolutionary School. These women and the men that attend the same school will be the military… Continue reading

Young Kim Il Sung

Leaving Mangyongdae for the front. Behind him are his grandparents.

The pheasants are out on that day

and so are their handlers. Pheasants are part of the Korean lore, of their self-image of communion with nature. So, for the National Holiday, they are brought over from North Korea’s zoo to… Continue reading


Immortality of the Eternal Leader.

The last critical monument!

Juche Tower (pronounce “djoochay”). Juche is the key tenet behind “Kimilsong-ism”, a subject of much study and reverence in this part of the world. Juche means “self-reliance”, a nice way to express that… Continue reading