Monthly Archive: January, 2014

So many of them!

To tell you the truth, I do not know which peaks we’re looking at here. My best guess is that the highest peak is Teri Gang, at 7,300 meters (24,000 feet). Or it’s… Continue reading

We tried

I hope that we get a good mark for wanting to look the part. It was fun to sit at the low tables but our posture was way too relaxed for us to… Continue reading

Close to home – a momentary hiatus

Hagaloo seems like the appropriate venue to show you this picture taken just a few minutes ago (around 3:30 p.m. PST) of the hillside on the beach by our home. The smoke is… Continue reading

Early photograph of Japanese Edo

And Srila and Manjit

A scroll

Japanese beauty in poetry.

We all took pictures

Forgive the self-promotion. It’s just that the background looks great.

Kabuki theatre

A cool visitor of the great country of Bhutan

Depiction of a battle

Still at the Edo museum in Tokyo. Forgive me: I’ve been lazy in sending out my emails. But the good news is that my website is getting revamped!