Monthly Archive: October, 2012

The children of North Korea (4)

Young enough to be happy and uninhibited. Privileged to be Red Pioneers.

The children of North Korea (3)

There is no internet in North Korea. There is no internet (just repeating, in case that wasn’t clear). Also, there are no cell phones. Kids have no cell phones (the 4-5 cell phones… Continue reading

The children of North Korea (2)

Children’s Palace (after-school activities central), Pyongyang-Mangyundae.

The children of North Korea (1)

Kindergartners on the Tongbong collective farm, South Hamgyong province.

Whew! A happier scene

I honestly wish I had been able to spend an entire day in the War Museum; but I didn’t, and yet I felt drained when I left. I was then whisked over to… Continue reading

Just for fun

Here’s a more modest tomb than yesterday’s, since we’re on that subject…

Yaks are great

They like high altitude, the cold, the wind and the harsh sun. They don’t mind carrying things. They walk faster than humans.

A spa town attracts retirees

And that’s why there’s also the largest repository of tombs in this part of the world. More than 1,000 in all.

Miles and miles away

A nomadic caravan on its way to infinity.

Last view

The most windy. It’s later in the day, time to retreat.